So I’m at a local festival with a friend and I pass a stand with a box full of Pokémon and Yu-gi-oh Boosters. I’m like, “Hey, how much are these?” The guy responds telling me they are only a buck each. Of course, I wasn’t thinking, and my friend and I bought a bunch of Pokémon cards. We went out to the car to open them, and he got a bunch of holo cards in one pack. I opened up my pack and the borders on the cards were a bit off, and the cards had a very glossy feel. Herpity derp derp. They were fake. I went and yelled at the guy until he gave us our money back.

Then I realized, leaving, that only I’d be nerdy enough to tell that those cards were fake. :”D


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gymleader said: Pssst, Nats. Remember Piss Groudon?


I was just saying something about that earlier. Someone asked me what my favorite shiny is and I was about to say Monferno, when I thought of Piss Groudon.

I love him. I need to restart ruby and SR for one and name him PISS.